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8 August 2012

Adding TFS Alerts on Work Items

To Add Alerts
1.With a team project node selected, on the Team menu, click Project Alerts.
2.Select the check box next to the alerts you want.
3.For each alert, in the Send to column, add the e-mail addresses of the … Read More
12 July 2011

Connecting from Team Explorer 2008

You may experience issues when connecting to TFS 2010 from Team Explorer 2008. Some of the issues are around the new structure of TFS 2010 using collections when TFS 2008 was structures using projects. Team Explorer was not designed to … Read More
5 May 2011

Deleting TFS Projects

When there is a TFS Project you want to delete, if it is the first time deleting a TFS project, you will notice that when you ‘right click’ and remove a project, it is not deleted. When you remove a … Read More
5 May 2011

Deleting Work Item Templates

To delete a WIT, you will need to goto the folder the power tools are installed on and use the TFPT utility.

The Command is: tfpt DestroyWITD /server:http://<TFS Server>:<Port> /project:<TFS Project> /workitemtype:<WIT Name> /noprompt… Read More

1 April 2011

Force AD Replication When Adding Users

Because Team Foundation Server works across so many different applications (TFS services, SharePoint, Reporting, etc.) the best way to manage security is by setting up Active Directory groups. However, whenever you add a new user to the group you’ll quickly … Read More